Specialists in Oil Field Civil Works

Specialists in Oil Field Civil Works

Well site preparation, planning, construction and implementation are just a few of Kelkan’s major fields of work. Since 2009, Kelkan has built many well site projects and remote camps for various clients including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Repsol, Western Zagros, Niko Resources, Forbes Manhattan Group, Kalegran Limited (Part of MOL), Heritage Energy, Talisman Energy, OMV, GGS, Polaris Explorer, DQE, Garda World Marathon Oil, and many more.

The scope of these projects included access roads and bridges in addition to facilities such as water pipelines, pumping stations,  and water and waste management networks as well as electrical, mechanical, and fabrication work at drilling locations. All construction work performed is in accordance with Iraqi and international standards such as ASTM/DIN/BS.

Kelkan’s team regards HSE procedures in construction extremely important. While the majority of Kelkan’s staff is local, they are trained and supervised by professionals and experts in their relevant fields. Kelkan’s staff are dedicated professionals whom ensure the best products are submitted to the client and they have proven to work well under pressure to be timely and efficient.

Kelkan is the leading provider of personnel and equipment in the Kurdistan region. Kelkan is proud to say that it can reliably supply all types of small and heavy equipments for operations.

  • Kelkan’s skilled staff speak English with excellent communication skills
  • All equipment is fully certified and HSE compliant
  • All operators are monitored for HSE and provided with continued assistance to ensure work environment is safe