Local Hiring Policy

Local Hiring Policy and Plan

1.1 Introduction:

Kelkan Contracting Limited is a local, privately owned, company operating throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Kelkan’s staff consists of more than 90% Iraqi and Kurdish nationals. The company has a strict “Local Hire Policy” that places great emphasis on locally hired unskilled labor, along with locally available materials and equipment. Kelkan recognizes that the utilization of local material and labor has the following benefits:

  • Fosters community involvement
  • Preserves local employment opportunities in construction and camp management
  • Reduces the environmental impact of commuting and transportation of materials and equipment
  • Provides training and skills for local unskilled labor

1.2 Process:

Kelkan emphasizes on community involvement for all of its projects. Before the commencement of all Kelkan projects, Kelkan Community Relations personnel work closely with local authorities and the client to locate locally available personnel (skilled or unskilled), locally available materials, and locally available equipment.

1.2.1 Kelkan Construction Projects:

Kelkan will hire the following personnel and equipment for its construction projects from local communities (if available):

A. Unskilled Labor

  1. General Labor & Assistants
  2. Guards
  3. Flagmen
  4. Cleaners
  5. Generator Operators

B. Equipment (Note: Must be HSE Approved)

  1. Water Trucks
  2. Loaders
  3. Tipper Trucks
  4. Excavators
  5. Bulldozers
  6. Graders
  7. Compactors
  8. Any other equipment required and can pass the HSE inspection

1.2.2 Kelkan Camp Management:

Kelkan will hire the following personnel for its Camp Management projects from local communities:

A. Personnel

  1. Cleaners
  2. Cook Assistants
  3. Garbage Collectors
  4. Generator Operators

B. Equipment (Must pass HSE inspection)

  1. Garbage Collector
  2. Water Truck
  3. Any other equipment needed

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