Social Responsibility

Kelkan’s policy towards the local community is a positive one, as Kelkan takes this matter very seriously. We liaise with local community leaders in the village councils how best to utilize their local workforce, equipment and materials. Kelkan’s experience with Shakal Production Limited, Pet Oil, Global Geophysical Services Inc, Polaris Explore , Niko Resources (In building their site at Qaradagh- 1 and the Water Pipeline Project and Pumping Stations),  Western Zagros, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Oil search,  Genel Energy and others clients in the area are a key witness for our record. Working as a sub-contractor with the above mentioned companies since April 2007 till present time, Kelkan was in charge of camp construction, site preparation, labor contracts for the entire region and Kelkan is very proud to claim that there were no stoppages because of issues with the local community. The local leadership trusts Kelkan for handling and taking this matter very seriously and understands Kelkan’s keenness to ensure that local community is benefited most from the workforce demands needed for various projects. Kelkan’s Policy is simple; Kelkan only hires local skills wherever available unless the particular skill needed is not found, only then Kelkan looks elsewhere and Kelkan coordinates this with the local community of Village Councils and local Asaish Force for security clearance and background screening matters.

Kelkan is also very proud that it has worked with many Oil and Gas companies on other projects throughout 2007, 2008, 2009 and up to date. Kelkan feels that its skills are needed for handling the work in progress, the speed and decisiveness required for the Well Site, Camp and Access Road preparation by creating the best relationship and coordination between our crews and the local community under the supervision and guidance of your team on the ground. We feel that our contribution is vital for the job and what can be achieved with our experience and skills in the community is not matched by other possible contractors with no knowledge of the area and the local tribal community, where the proposed project is located whether the local villages belong to the branches of Jaff, Zangana, Bajalan, Lek or Goran tribes in the area or belonging to other tribal structures.

We have managed in the past many years to work with the locals and hire localy available skills.  Also contribute to train the locals to gain the skills required and meet the standards of the International Oil Companies.

Please see below our list of the community hired personnel and how we helped train them for the work and how we changed their work ethics.

1. Rostam Hama Khan, who is one of the local representatives for Kelkan since 2009, is in charge of the locally hired Equipment and labor in the Garmian (Kurdamir) area.  He also helped many IOC’s in the area to communicate and resolve many issues.

2.  Awaspi Company, we have been helping this local company from the Faqi Mustpha area.  We have given a lot of work to this company during the site preparation for Talisman Energy and Western Zagros to haul sub base materials and hire Equipment for construction.

3. Kelkan has been the sponsor for the Kalar football club called Sherwana since 2008.  See photo.

4. Assisting Refugee from Syria.  See attached photos.

5. All Equipment required for the seismic projects were 100% hired locally like Dozers, Loaders and   Pickup trucks.

6.   All Earth work materials required for the construction projects are all sub contracted locally as per areas of work.

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